Rodrigo Munoz - COP4813 - Web Systems I

Assignment 3 - Form Validation with Javascript

1. Javascript is used to make sure that:
   - All fields are filled in
   - Birth Date is after 1900 and before today
   - Email address has an "@" and a period "."
   - Zip code must be 5 digits

2. Phone Number uses jQuery input mask

3. Robot test made with Javascript- If the wrong code is entered, another code is generated.

An email address must contain an "@" and a period "."
Must be a date before today.
Prove You are not a Robot
Enter the code in the box below:

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Resources used for this assignment:
Actual code used:
Youtube - Input mask using jquery tutorial for beginners by WEB NOW

StackOverflow - Shortest code to get random string of numbers and letters

Also looked at:
StackOverflow - Phone mask with jQuery and Masked Input Plugin - masked input plugin

W3schools - JavaScript RegExp Reference

StackOverflow - Generating Random Passwords